sip n' let it flow

5 Reasons Why You Should Come To Our Class

1. Because you're usually looking for the after party to Sunday Brunch around 5-6pm anyway. It's the perfect segue into the new week! Start it off letting your creative juices flow! Happy Sunday!

2. You'll get to meet other professional/fun people in such an organic, open, creative space. Try not to come alone, invite a friend. You know? Like...Tell your friends to get with my friends and we can be friends. Shhh we can do this every weekend...(*music stops*) That may be a bit much! Once a month works for now.

3. It's held at a dope restaurant. Check out to wet your palette deciding on your dinner choice. They're giving you specials:: $10 RUM PUNCH | 3 COURSE DINNER $40

4. It's really a party, but in a more chill kind of way. Why not?

5. And haven't you heard? It's the dopest Paint N' Sip now in Harlem! Check us out! Next Class Jan 28th @ 6P

Have I convinced you? Can't wait to see there!