sip n' let it flow


What is The black brush?

Aside from it being a really cool name for a paint n sip. There's a deeper meaning. The color black represents mystery, power, and control. It is the unknown, it is secretive, and it is sophisticated. In our classes the black canvas will symbolize our worlds with the unknown ahead of us, but we have to remember that we are in charge of creating our own masterpiece. And we will accomplish this through abstract art where there's no right and there is no wrong. Therefore by right,  Everyone's an artist. We want the artist to learn or enhance different skills or techniques. 

We would also like to create a space for people to come together to build relationships/friendships as well as network.  We want to create an arena for artist to relax while in their most creative space (using the left side of their brains)  and gain an experience like no other.  So with the concept in mind that we are all creating our masterpieces,

I would like to mention that the real meaning of the black brush is YOU.